Since 1970 when Richard Nixon signed the OSH Act into place the safety industry has been confined to measurements built around failures over time. This leads to a reactive state, where companies are waiting for failure to occur before making change. The time has come to change that. The tool to do is that NIXN (Neural Intelligent Xtracting Network).

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NIXN autonomously architects new safety metrics for each company in real-time.

By collecting data all centered around risk NIXN becomes capable at the industry level and company level to go from prescriptive analytics to predictive analytics. The framework behind NIXN has been developed by over 250 leading safety professionals whom have worked at over 750 locations spanning 150 classification codes. The team developing NIXN has been entrenched in the safety industry for more than 2 decades and has seen the issues the entire industry faces first hand, NIXN is the solution.

Real Time Decision Making

True Risk Score

In real time users can capture the risk of employees by selecting Actions, Risks, and Mitigators. NIXN calculates the True Risk Score allowing users to evaluate performance that goes beyond just compliance.

Extensive Data Points

Risk Mitigated

NIXN allows companies to measure performance or how much risk employees mitigate daily weekly monthly. These data points become benchmarks for a company to make tactical risk aware decisions prior to a failure happening.

Building Habits

Risk Absorbed

NIXN allows employees to see how much risk they absorb per task, which leads to cultural change at the ground level. By showing cause and effect in real time the invisible risk becomes visible to people which leads to less rule enforcing and more ownership by employees.

Continual Improvement

Companies across the world struggle to measure improvements within there own safety systems because success results in the absences of an outcome rather than the presence. NIXN is the solution, giving companies a new view of who they are today, and roadmap for tomorrow without relying on failures to take place to make change. NIXN is the tool for proactive safety management.

  • World Class – The Network Effect

    NIXN allows companies to track more than just hazards present, NIXN tracks and shows the impact of interaction with Hazard producing metrics that now become benchmarks for companies, industries, insurance carriers.